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About the Workbook

This is a supplementary practice book to accompany ‘The Delights of Learning Turkish: A self-study course book for learners of Turkish’. This companion workbook will let you practise and reinforce your knowledge of Turkish language across a wide range of exercises. It is easy and practical to use where you can write your answers directly in the book and check them in the ‘Key to the exercises’ section.

The book consists of exercises parallel to the knowledge presented in the main course book, ‘The Delights of Learning Turkish’, following the same unit order. The exercises in each unit refer to the grammar explanations, language points, tense forms, sentence structures and vocabulary covered in the corresponding unit in the main book. There are also ‘Turkish - English’ and ‘English - Turkish’ glossary sections, revised and extended with added new vocabulary used in the exercises.

This workbook is also designed to function as a stand-alone practice and refreshing reference book for a wide range of learners from beginner to advanced levels who want to test and reinforce their Turkish language skills.

With this supplementary workbook, you will add more practice to your study and improve your Turkish language with a variety of exercise types. You will feel more confident in using the language.

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