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About the Book

The Delights of Learning Turkish is a self-study course book that takes the learner from the beginner level to the intermediate level in Turkish. It is designed for English speakers targeting adult and young adult learners, especially for those planning to settle and live in Turkey or visiting Turkey for business or pleasure.

It teaches how to construct and use the language in formal and colloquial forms with dialogues, examples, grammar points, vocabulary and exercises. It shows the grammatical structures in detail that enables the learners to make their own sentences.

Covering so many language points, this book is also a grammar reference that targets a wide range of audience including advanced learners.

The book is in 17 units. Each unit starts with a dialogue. A vocabulary section follows each dialogue explaining the new vocabulary used. Then comes the explanation of the grammar introduced in the dialogue itself, as well as general grammar rules with many examples. Additionally, there are more dialogues in every unit.

There are exercises after each unit to practise the knowledge that has been introduced. At the end of the book, you will find the keys to the exercises. There are also Turkish - English and English - Turkish glossary sections as well as Turkish proverbs and idioms added to the book with explanations. And finally, the index pages at the end mostly refer to the grammar points.

In the book, you can also find general information about the Turkish alphabet and Turkish language as well as notes on Turkish culture in daily life.

There is also an 'Audio Support CD' (sold separately) to be used in conjunction with the book where you can listen while you are reading the dialogues and texts from the book at the same time. You will also find the chance to listen to the challenging key grammar points of Turkish language with this CD.

Although it seems to be a difficult language to learn and despite its grammatical structure being very different from the European languages, Turkish grammar is quite easy and simple once you get used to it. Other than only a few exceptions, its grammar has its own way with a strong logic and a very good systematic structure.

When you apply the rules, it is quite easy to construct your own sentences. Once you get the gist of it, you will be surprised how it is easy to learn the language. The rest will depend on practising and practising.

Don't forget: Practising is the essential secret in learning the language.

Good luck!

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